We offer complete defense for business and employee-targeted digital threats.

Our elite security team provides 24/7 cybersecurity support to help your business prevent, respond, and recover from threats. Our team improves your devices up to an enterprise standard quickly and reliably.

We walk you through simplified processes to enable you to share your new elevated security process, making it fast and easy to meet third-party standards. We also onboard your team quickly and offer you affordable subscription packages.

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We help you stay compliant.

Whether you’re a large corporation, small firm, or government agency, our cybersecurity experts use systems and practices that match most national and international security laws and regulations to stay compliant. 

Anonymized security operation.

Amourab doesn’t store or have access to your business data, passwords, or secrets. Our team of cybersecurity experts tries as much as possible to anonymise the device-level metadata used for security operations. Since our vendors and we are SOC2 audited, we log all security events and interactions.

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